Friday, April 22, 2011


Or should I say POSTS 3 & 4 :-). I'm rolling 2 days into one. Allow me, I beg. LOL

So in the space of a day, I've flown from Mexico to Cali safely, and had a fantastic day celebrating my momma's birthday with her, along with my aunt. Gosh, California is beautiful! We had high tea at a small quirly little tea house in San Juan Capistrano, watched the sun set over Laguna Beach and had the most DELECTABLE dinner at The Loft @ the Montage Resort in Laguna. Blissful day y'all.

So, I'm grateful and happy for journey mercies, for another year of my mom's life, for nature's wonders, and for good food.

Be happy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So, what am I happy about today? Well, in addition to the fact that I'm alive and healthy, today I am happy because I have the BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD.

Oh what was that? Husband, you ask? LOL. Yes. One of the great things that's happened since I last blogged is that I got engaged, and then of course got married. More details on that at a later date.

Today's happy post is dedicated to my Mr. Fab - the man who has woken me up EVERY morning since we met, no matter where in the world we have been and in fact, most of the time, (and as I write) we have been HUNDREDS OF MILES apart. 2 years after getting married and 4 years after we became "official", I am still giddy when I think about him and all the joy he's brought into my life. He inspires my happy in one way or another every single day and God truly hit it out of the park when He blessed me with my husband. I love you my darling - infinitely.

That's my happy post for the day! I hope y'all are getting your happy on too. :-)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

30 DAYS OF HAPPY - I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! It has been ages since I last blogged - 2 years, 9 months, and 24 days to be exact! June 26, 2008 was my last blog before I got swallowed up into the business of business school and so much has happened since then! I'll have to update you at a later date. :-)

It feels good to be doing this again. :-). I have totally forgotten my HTML tricks, and shortcuts so I'll have to pick that up again. And obviously a lot has changed in the world of blogging so I need to catch up! LOL

So what inspired me to come back? My sister, Ms. Minx! I've been telling myself since graduating from school that I need to get back to blogging but it didn't happen until I found myself challenging my sister to a 30 days of Happy blogging extravaganza. She blogs periodically and I found many of her posts to be kinda sad even though she has so much to be thankful for and happy about! She is FABULOUSITY in a size zero package and she needs to remember that.

Even though I hadn't blogged in ages, I often come back to my blog to claim a little happy because it's chock full of fantastic memories and LOVE. Not just from things that happened to me, but I'm reminded of the friendships that I made, and the things I've learned about myself and others. So I challenged her to blog happy things so she can look back on them and be reminded of the good things especially when she needs a pick me up. She posted her first happy blog today and now, I'm inspired to start my 30 days of happy!!!! And really, that's the power of happy. It energizes, it strengthens and it inspires! Now, I ain't saying it'll be 30 consecutive days, LOL, but I'll do it.

So, today, I'm happy that my sister is blogging happy things. And I'm happy that I'm back to blogging. If you're interested in joining us, leave a comment and I'll make sure I stop by your page to get inspired by your happy.

Be HAPPY y'all!

Ms. May