Monday, December 17, 2007


Hey Y'all. A new month and I'm still at this whole application thing. Actually, the essay writing thing. It's kicking my butt, no joke but I'm trying not to let it get me down completely. It takes so much time, and saps so much energy but I'm trying to get it done as soon as possible for many reasons.

Above is the beginnings of a post I started on December 4th but never finished. It was titled "Trying to Stay Afloat". And I really was. It was tough going there for a minute trying to complete all my essays and submit my applications. At one point two weeks ago, I thought I was done, only to have to do it all over again. But I'm proud to say that I made it. Or should I say, I kept my head above water, and managed to swim to shore. All my applications were submitted yesterday and so now it's the waiting game - for interview invites, and admission letters. I thought my GMAT experience was tough and nothing could beat that but the essay writing experience was just as challenging. I hope the waiting isn't quite as bad. I would like to thank everyone was that was on my essay review committee. I appreciate all the feedback, as harsh as I thought some of it was. It pushed me and hopefully made me come up with some good stuff that will make those b-schools want lil ol me.

Now, on to more fun stuff. I'm off to Nigeria in a few days. Yay!!!!!! Now that the essays and apps are submitted, I can focus on being excited and getting ready for the trip - packing, shopping for last minute things and such. It's going to be so great. Tons of friends from here are going to be home. All the weddings, lunches, get-togethers and such - my calendar is already full. Oh, and the food - Ofada rice, REAL pounded yam, Yamarita - LOL. Ill also be seeing my family - my star sis, my always growing brother, my fab and funny mother and my darling dad. And of course, best of all, I get to see my honey again after a whole 4 months. It seems like a lifetime ago that I last saw him. Plus his brother is bringing his significant other, who is Ghanaian American, to Nigeria. I talk to her a lot but we've never met so I am so excited that I get to see her in person. And one of my very close friends is having her introduction/birthday celebration so that's going to be fabulous. I've invited a few folks to my home for a little shindig on the 2nd so that should be good too. Hopefully, it won't be one of those it's a little get-together that turns into a full-blown party things. I really want it to be as intimate as possible but we'll see sha. Uzo, I'd love for you to come as well so I'll holla.

So people, you know I can't leave y'all without being a little reflective about the past year. This has been an amazing year for me - beyond my wildest imaginations. I met the love of my life, built relationships with friends that I know will stand the test of time, have actually submitted my applications to business school, and grew spiritually this year. I would say it's been a year that will continue to bear fruit in the new year. I know it wasn't as great for many, but as long as you're still alive, tomorrow is another opportunity for something great to happen. A good friend of mine told me the other day that it's important for us to always pray for a helper - the one person that God can send to completely change the trajectory of our lives for the better. I feel lucky because I've had many helpers this year and I'm going to continue to pray for more - not just for me, but for my friends and family, and for whoever may need it. So if you're reading this and are happy that the year is coming to an end and taking the bad with it - I am praying for 2008 to be the year that God will send your helper. And if 2007 was great for you, then I pray that 2008 will bring even more helpers and more awesome things with it. Continue praying for me too, especially for my health. Merry Christmas, and a very Happy, Joyous, Wonderful, Helper-filled New Year.


Ms. May