Friday, February 29, 2008


Since I posted yesterday, I learned that I'm in at Kellogg!!!!!!!!!! A freaking top 5 school. I cannot believe it. God is truly good. For me, Kellogg was what we in the b-school application world call a "reach" school - and I reached it...LOL! Hmmmmm......Cornell who? LOL. Just kidding. Or am I? Have a fab weekend guys. I sure will. God bless.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Hey Y'all! I wonder if anyone still bothers to read my blog since it's been ages since I last updated. My people, make una no vex o. Na life o. So much has happened between Christmas and now that as much as I have wanted to write, I had no clue where to begin. So, I'll do a checklist of sorts and try to hit the highlights.

  • Nigeria was a blast. I arrived on December 24th and immediately started hitting all the weddings and events. It was non-stop for real. Congrats to Bimbo, Ade, Titi, Damola, and to the many others who got hitched in December. Long may your unions last.
  • Christmas Day was great. The first with the boo, and he didn't disappoint. Gifts for me and the whole entire family as well. He was not playing. LOL.
  • The arrival of boo's brother and his American/Ghanaian gf (now fiance - more on this later). I finally got to meet her after many phone conversations, and she was even cooler in person. The boo's folks threw us a party to introduce everyone to us. It was lots of fun, very cool and an opportunity to see where boo and his brother got their "mojo" from. LOL
  • Last, but certainly not least - it was absolutely fantastic to be home with my family.


  • January 1 was a year for me and boo. It was very low key but great. Lunch at Lobster Pot and a movie and some we time. I put together a CD with our moments from the past year for boo (thanks ICY!), which he loved. I was promised a bigger celebration later.
  • I threw a get together at the house for friends. It was great to have folks that I hang with in ATL and the US at my home in Naija. Shout-out to Yuwa for making sure she showed up, albeit when the party was over. Big-ups to Jess, Bola, Titi, Steve, Fred, Zee, Tunde and everyone else for making it memorable. Thanks to my sis, bro, dad, boo and mom especially for making it happen. And you know Naija time was in full-effect when people started showing up 4 hours after the party was supposed to start! As a side-note, Naija has a way of helping you distill the real people from the crap people in your life. Just saying...LOL.
  • Also on party day, boo's brother and his gf returned from a day trip to Ghana ENGAGED! Boo's brother did good on the rock too, I might add. They missed the party but we celebrated afterwards anyway and caught up on their nightmarish 4 hour experience at the airport on their return.
  • Boo made sure he took off work the whole time I was home, which was great so I got to see him all the time. It was fabulous and made me even more excited about what was to come. I was sad to leave Naija but hey, life must go on.
  • My return to the States was pretty sad for me but I got tons of great news on my return. I completed my interview with Emory, found out that I was admitted at Vanderbilt with scholarship and invited to interview with Chicago.

FEBRUARY (Best month so far!!!! - LOL)

  • I learned in Early February that I was also admitted to Emory with the possibility of an amazing scholarship. I also completed my interview with Kellogg and Chicago. As far as my MBA apps go, I'm 4 out of 5 so far and I'm extremely blessed. I know I'll definitely be going to school somewhere in the Fall and it's such a great position to be in especially after all the blood, sweat and tears. Again, a big shout-out to all my friends who supported me during the application process. I love you all! I'm still waiting to hear from Cornell about an interview and by the end of March, I'll know where I'll be going. Pray for me y'all.
  • I went dress shopping with my gf in whose wedding I learned I'll be a bridesmaid, which is exciting! She looked beautiful and I cannot wait for the day. It's gonna be tres classy.
  • My dad and brother came in town for a few days, which was exhausting, but wonderful. My brother also turned 18, and it's so amazing to see how much he's grown. 6ft 4 and still growing and smart as can be. Proud of him!
  • My sis shared some absolutely fantastic news and I'm so happy for her. I'll leave her to let y'all know....LOL
  • My mom is in town now...well, in NY and she'll be here with me next week.
  • We added a new member to our family - Sage, a Pomeranian mix dog. She is in California with my aunt and we can't wait to meet her!
  • Ummmmm....oh yeah......BOO is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, you know I couldn't keep that to myself. LOL. He arrived over a week ago and is with me for a cple of weeks before he has to start his job up North. We're hoping he can get on a project in ATL but either way, it's sooooooooo much better than a cross Atlantic deal. He has been spoiling me rotten since he got here and I'm telling you y'all, LIFE IS SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS!!!!!!!!. I can't even front. It's just so good to have his physical support and know that he's waiting at home when I get there. I'm showing him the city, he's getting to know my friends better, we've gone to church.....I could go on. It's just fabulous!
  • 2008 for me has been fantastic so far. The positives have far exceeded the negatives and I am so so thankful to God for his grace, mercy, forgiveness, and blessings. It's more than I think I deserve but I am so grateful and I'll take it!

So, those are the highlights. If I left anything out, I'll come update it. I hope things are good with you guys. I haven't been able to keep up with the blog reading as much but I'm trying. Keep praying for me and I'll keep praying for you. Love y'all...ALWAYS!

Ms. May