Thursday, November 01, 2007


Hey Y'all! What's good? It's been a long time and I apologize for being MIA. I have so much going on and unfortunately blogging has taken a back seat. I owe you many updates and I'll try to cover them in this one so guess what? It's gonna be a long one!

So, last time I blogged, Chrisette Michelle was in my CD player and my GMAT exam was looming. Since then, Jill Scott has replaced Chrisette and I conquered the GMAT!!!!!! Thank you so much to all who inquired, prayed for me, and wished me well. While I won't tell you how abysmal my first two scores were but I will say that my FINAL (yes, FINAL cos for one moment I even contemplated taking it again...LOL) score is 160 points higher than my last attempt. So all those studies that show that your score cannot improve significantly beyond the 2nd try are ridiculous - I'm proof that it's not true!

So what worked for me? I think everything just came together for me this time. I worked with a tutor on the Quant section because that was my problem area, kept up study on my Verbal cos that was my strength and I didn't want it to be affected, took all the practice tests I could get my hands on, made sure I knew my stuff and felt confidence, and the key - I let go, and let God. And it worked! I walked into that exam believing that I would walk out with a smile on my face and I did. No one can understand how much of a weight was lifted off me when I got done. It meant that I could move forward because I felt STUCK, STIFLED, and STUPID with that exam hanging over me and it was like I could finally come up for air when it was done! So now I can apply to ANY school I want to and there's nothing like feeling that you have choices, is there?

So what now? Well, I am applying to 5 schools which means lots of essay writing and those essays have to be PERFECT. Ever since I became an MLT fellow earlier this year, all I've heard is "the essays are important", "it's your opportunity to tell your story", and "your essays can make or break your application". So yeah, I get it which is why it's taking up a huge amount of my time. I have 20 essays to write for all the schools, and one of the programs I'm applying to is a dual-degree program as well. I've been struggling with the essay writing though. At first, the issue was finding the motivation to write and one of my friends theorized that it was because I was burned out from prepping for the GMAT. I have finally begun to write, and sent my initial essays out for review and let me tell you - it's a tough and emotional process!

You know people are trying to get the best out of you by being critical but it's so tough to hear especially when you think you're a fairly decent writer - LOL. But I know not to take it personally, and appreciate all the help and feedback I'm receiving. In addition, writing those essays requires significant reflection. I mean, I'm all for reflection and do it constantly but man!, when a b-school essay asks to you clearly and succinctly articulate what it is you're most passionate about and why, for example, you begin to realize that while you may kinda, sorta know the answer to that question deep down inside in your heart of hearts, that is just not good enough. Anyway, it looks like most of my applications will be sent in round 2 in January, and feedback won't come till around March. I hope to blog more often to try to document my whole application experience instead of starting a whole new one just for that. Maybe my experience will help others applying or planning to apply. I find that I've become somewhat of an expert on the whole process from GMAT prep to applications to school research, and program strengths, and b-school resources.

Moving on. I am now in the throes of the travel season at work which means that since September, your girl has been tripping from one place to the next on business. It may sound like fun and I do enjoy it, I won't lie, but it's tough to focus on essays and finding time to have fun and see friends when I'm in two to three cities a week sometimes. And I travel on weekends too, which sucks sometimes. Finding time to cook, eat healthy, exercise (not that I do anyway, but you know...LOL), do laundry, and all those other important day-to-day things is tough. It's winding down now though, so I'll be going on my last trip just before thanksgiving.

So where have I been in the last couple of months? Well, I'm writing this from my hotel room in Clinton, SC - very unglamorous, I know. I've also been to Greenville and Spartanburg SC, Miami, AL, MS, Daytona Beach, and MN (MLT stuff though. I'm off to Baltimore next and then Kansas City and I'll be through for the fall! I'm looking forward to spending Thanksgiving in Cali with my diverse family - Nigerian, Mexican, Polish, American blended family - LOL. I'm excited. I'm still keeping my fingers that my boo will be here in time for that, but if not then it's not God's will. I shouldn't complain cos I saw him in August and yes, I will see him again in December cos I'm going home but you know how it is. A woman in love and all.......LOL. I miss you so much my darling - and Happy 10th month anniversary!!!! Can you believe we've managed to do this LD thing for this long and it's only gotten bigger, better, and stronger? You're my heart honey, and I thank you so much for your patience, love, support, encouragement, and honesty. I always wanted and prayed for someone who put me first and God heard me because you do that always, and without hesitation. Te amo, mi corazon. OK!

Finally, if you don't already, you need to head on over to Funmi Iyanda's blog to check out the series of posts she's doing on "the good society". It's a very interesting take on the issue of collective and personal good and why we (Nigerians) need to embrace the idea of collective good to be able to move forward. It's certainly something I've always thought about and believe in, especially seeing it on display here in the US on a daily basis. It works! Ms. Iyanda puts it more eloquently and in a more scholarly way than I can so go check it out, and support her cause as well. I plan to.

God bless you all. Really. Thank you all for everything and please keep praying for me as I work on my essays and send in my applications. You are a blessing to me and will be duly rewarded for your prayers and support. Have a great rest of the week and stay up! Anything is possible, if you just work hard AND believe - I am an example. Love y'all.