Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gone Too Long......

I know. But for good reason. Who knew that getting into school wasn't the hardest part?!!!!!. Anyway, I'm busy getting ready to move to Chicago. Tomorrow is my last day at work, and then it's full speed ahead till August. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm excited yet, and my typical answer is NO! But really, it comes and goes. I'm usually stressed, anxious, worried - you know, all of those kind of feelings - more consistently than I'm excited. But God is working everything out and I know it'll all be worth it in the end. It has to be! I do get excited when I think about going to Greece before school starts. Yep - GREECE! I'll be there in August with a bunch of classmates for a week, right before school starts. So Vicky (if you still read my blog, LOL), you need to give me info about all the hot spots.

Moving on, I don't know if anyone else is like me but I keep EVERYTHING and I'm anal about writing everything down. As a result, I have little pieces of paper with everything from phone numbers to cool quotes that I've heard lying around everywhere, including at work. Anyway, in cleaning out my office I found a piece of paper that I wrote on when I decided to start this blog with everything from possible blog titles, to how I would describe myself - you know, all that kinda stuff. I won't embarrass myself by revealing some of the cheesy things I came up with. Ok, maybe I will. LOL. No one can say I'm not smart now I'm going to b-school right? LOL. Here goes:
  • In My Mind
  • The Voice
  • I am Ms. May.....Hear me Roar! (My personal fave....LOL)
  • MayowitaRica....Chica Nigeriana (You don't wanna know...LOL)

Goodness! What was I thinking? Aren't you glad I didn't go with any of those? Anyhoo, the point of this whole story besides letting you in on the fact that I'm a hoarder and have the potential to turn into that crazy woman feature on Oprah who hoarded so much stuff that they were able to fill two warehouses with her stuff(extra long sentence I know), is that I found this cool quote by William Faulkner. He said, "Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself." Now this can be interpreted in a couple of different ways but I choose to believe that he means that we should always strive to be a better version of ourselves. We're always competing to be better, stronger, richer, prettier, than the next person when really all we have to do is just focus on improving ourselves and all the other stuff will come.

The quote really hit home with me especially because I feel like I've been in competition with others and even myself over the last year when in fact as I look back, I've really improved and grown as a person. I think it became my focus as time passed but I wonder how much better things would be if that was a truly conscious focus from the beginning. My two cents. I won't tell you about some of the other stuff I found - I think I've put myself out there enough today. LOL. Maybe one day I'll share, once we get to be really close friends and I'm sure you won't tell anyone at all about what I'm really like. LOL.

To turn the focus onto things or people other than myself, I am extremely proud of some female friends and family who are inspiring me everyday as they start their various entrepreneurial ventures. I've supported them by buying from them, now I'd like to share their information with you so you can support them too cos I know you will.

  • My good friend Wande, who is also the latest and hottest mommy in town recently launched her online boutique, called Ladyee Boutique for "smart, educated, cultured, well-rounded ladies who know what they want and are going out to get it". If this is you, you better hurry up and head over there for fashions from Black Halo, Egoist, Jully Kang and much more and she's having a grand opening sale as well. You won't be disappointed and trust that you'll get an amazing customer service experience as well. Please support this growing business!!!!!
  • Another friend Yuwa has started an accessories business as well. You can check her stuff out here. Anyone who knows Yuwa, knows that she is a style MAVEN! Check her out for gorgeous purses and jewelry. If you live in the Baltimore area especially, check her out and support o!
  • Last but certainly not least, I have to big up my mother, who has been a lifelong entrepreneur and example to me. She recently started an online travel business and needs our support. I know we're doing less air travel these days but when you do decide to book a trip, please visit this website. It's very simple and many flights are even less than travelocity/expedia/orbitz and co. Check it out and support my mommy!!!!

Ayt y'all. Who knows when next I'll have the time to write again so I won't make promises. Till whenever that is, be safe, do something fun, do something to help another person, love and be loved, and most of all, pray and have faith. Or simply put (I don't know who said it first but it wasn't me) - "Be good to yourself and to others". Peace!!!!