Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Times flies..............

When you're busy! I have no idea where the time has gone. I know everyone is busy, but when I tell you that I have been busier than ever before of late, it does not even come close to describing how busy I've been. Anyway, I'll stop rambling and get to the point.

I'm going to Kellogg. Yes, I think many of you already knew that but I don't think I officially said it. That far? Yes! Do you know how cold it gets? Yes, I'm already bracing myself! Didn't their financial aid offer suck? Yes, it absolutely did! And you're still going? Yes, I absolutely am! Why? Because after all my soul searching, I decided to follow my heart and that's where it led me. The admit weekend only solidified my decision so now I have no doubt that it'll be one of the most challenging AND the most rewarding experiences of my life to date. There's just something about that place. It's the same way I felt about where I completed undergrad and I was very successful there so why change the formula now I say. I'll spare you on how much I'm disliking the process of getting prepared to move and how expensive this whole thing has been and is going to be...........ARRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH, but I am looking forward to my last day at work in just over a month. Then I can focus on packing and stuff, instead of travelling the world like so many of my b-school counterparts. Yay!!!!!!

Did you catch that sarcasm? No? Oh well, guess I'm not too good at that. LOL. I keep reminding myself that one of the reasons I'm going to b-school is to improve my earning potential. Shoot, it better improve, exponentially, cos yo, I'ma hurt somebody if it doesn't! Another word of advice to those who are getting a headstart on the b-school process; START SAVING NOW! It is not a joke. Okay, now that I've gotten all that out, I will say that I know it will be worth the investment and that I really won't trade where I stand and my experience for anything. Through it all, God has taught me many leassons and proven faithful so I'm not worried. Really. It'll be ALL good. My current anchor when I'm feeling a little doubtful; "Seek your happiness in the Lord and He shall grant you the desires of your heart." - Psalms 37:4. That joint is my friend right now! LOL.

For those of you who have left comments about questions regarding the b-school process, I've added an email link so you can send me messages. Disclaimer #1: I am not an expert but will try my best to share as much about the process as I can. Disclaimer #2: Please give me time to respond to emails if you do contact me because did I mention, I am indescribably busy? LOL. Disclaimer #3: Closely related to #1 - you best believe I'll be as honest as I can if you ask me questions so please do not take personally whatever I say that you may deem unnecessary or mean. That is not the point. I may add more disclaimers as time goes.

So, gotta go. So much to do and so little time. I hope you are all doing well. Miss you guys - I really do. Not only do I have zero time to write, I barely read anymore. Take good care and I'll holla!

P.S: Uzo (Betty Boop) sweetie, I'll email you back soon. I promise!!!!!!