Friday, September 08, 2006


A is for Ambitious...cos I am. I'm also Analytical, Astute and Ambidextrous.

B is for year has been a wonderfully blessed one. I'm also Blooming, Beautiful(especially on the inside) and I can be a Baby sometimes too.

C is for Classy...I try to always do everything with a lil bit of class. I'm also Cuddly, and a good Cook.

D is for make it. I have to! I'm also Dependable, always Dignified and usually the Designated Driver cos I don't really drink.

E is for Emotional...yes, I am. I'm also Elegant, Educated and Entrepreneurial.

F is for Forgiving...not forgetting though. I'm also Friendly, Faithful and it took me a while to get there but I'm now a lil bit of a Fashionista.

G is for God-fearing. I also like to think I'm a Good person, and I like to act Grown too.

H is for Huggable...I love to get and give hugs. I'm also always Hopeful, mostly Happy and I can be a Hottie...LOL.

I is for Intelligent...I've earned it. I'm also Idealistic, Intense and Independent (in a good way).

J is for Jovial...most of the time. I also have Journalistic tendencies.

K is for Kind...I work hard to be. I'm also very Kissable...just ask him! LOL.

L is for Loving...I love to love people....friends, family, significant other. I'm also very Loyal, Likeable and a bit of a Liberal.

M is for Multi-lingual...I speak English(duh), Yoruba, Spanish, German and have working knowledge of a few others. I'm also Mature, a Momma's girl, and Model-Tall.

N is for Nigerian...and proud of it! I also strive to be Non-Judgemental, and I can be a little Naive sometimes.

O is for Optimistic...I can't hope otherwise. I'm also an Observer of people and my environment.

P is for Pleasant...especially when I meet new people. I'm a quiet Party-girl, and can be a little bit of a Princess sometimes.

Q is for Quiet...especially when I'm in new surroundings or around new people. I'm also a Questant...I want answers.

R is for Romantic....with every ounce of my being. I'm also Respectful and very Reliable.

S is for Substantive...I am real. I am also very Spiritual, Shy, Supportive, Sexy, a Singer and a Shoeholic...don't mess with my shoes...LOL.

T is for Tall...I'm 5ft 9.5 inches. I'm also Trustworthy, and can be a little bit of a Trend follower.

U is for Undramatic....I don't like the drama, and I don't do the drama. I am also of a kind, baby.

V is for a T. I'm also a Voracious reader, and can be Vivacious if I'm in the right place.

W is for Worrier...I'm working on it though. I'm also a Writer (just for me), and can be very Wise.

X is for X-Chromosome....obviously!!!!

Y is for I have been told...LOL. My nickname is Yoyo (thanks Mom) and I'm Young.

Z is for Zaftig...look it up!

And that's it.......I tag MsMinx!


LondonBuki said...

Tall! It suits you :-)

Happy Birthday!!!

Bella Naija said...

happy birthday girl!

Icy said...

hahahah I liked this much very poetic way to write it.. Nice one mamasita.. GREAT PACKAGING lol!

zaiprincesa said...

happy belated birthday, Chica!..

WalePhotos said...

the people are waiting for a new post in your blog.

-representative of the people.

Belle said...

happy belated birthday...

5'9.. no fair!

Ms. May said...

@ everyone: Thank you

@ Wale: Mo ti gbo. You asked for it! LOL.