Monday, August 20, 2007

Blogging Bug

I'm back again y'all. You better enjoy it while it lasts....LOL. I guess I'm subconsciously trying tohonor my anniversary month by blogging more frequently. I assure you, it won't last....:-).

Anyhoo, weekend was nice and laid back. Worked the door at a TiwaWorks/some other folks FUSION event on Saturday....a mix of Naija and Caribbean music. For a first-time event, I'm glad to say that Naijas repped for Tiwa. The other promoters who shall remain nameless barely brought anyone out. Ran into a fellow blogger who comments on my blog periodically and always says nice things. It was nice to put a face to the name. Turns out we totally have some history as well. Nice seeing you hon. I also reconnected with someone I went to elementary school with! Crazy, right. She's now a fabulous pastry chef at a really posh, acclaimed restaurant in the Buckhead area of ATL....I already see my wedding cake being designed and made by her....LOL. It's a small dang world o.

I pretty much unpacked and studied the rest of the weekend but this week I'm getting back to full-force studying since my exam is set for September 17th. Arrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh! This is the last time I am taking this GMAT especially since it has had power over me for way too long. I will kill it! I will kill it! I will kill it! Prayer. Positive self-reinforcement. Visualization. Positive thinking. Study. Study. Study. Prayer. Positive self-reinforcement. Visualization. Positive Thinking. I think you get the picture. As always, your prayers and good wishes are needed and much appreciated.

On to Naija trip news. It was the best time ever. I will not do it justice in any way shape or form and cannot go into too much detail as per na tori I tell them for ibise so I could go. I will say that this trip was mostly spent with family and it was really nice. I also attended a couple of weddings of course - congrats to Omo and Oma & Wande and Dapo, and a Bach Eve for my friend Toyin whose wedding was on the 18th. I missed Low's birthday dinner due to family commitments but from the pics it looked like it was a blast. The boo took the whole time I was there off work and gave me every single second of his time, which in my book makes him the BEST man I know. He was truly at my beck and call, from taking me to get food, to taking me to get my hair done, to doing some family runs and going to church with us. I also got to spend time with his family which was amazing. The best part of the trip was just knowing he was next door.....that's a story for another time. LOL. So honey, thank you for making my trip so wonderful and making me feel like a queen the whole time. Thank you for stepping up when it came to my family as well. I am so grateful to God for you and I cannot wait to see you again!!!!! The memories will stay forever fresh.

In other fabulous celebrity sister Ms. Minx turned 25 yesterday. I am extremely proud of what you have accomplished in your 25 years and look forward to being able to celebrate many more significant occasions with you. I hope you had a beautiful day because you deserve nothing less. God bless you and keep you and make His face to continually shine upon you and grant you all of your hearts desires. I love you.

And finally, speaking of birthdays........mine is coming up in a few weeks. September 9th to be exact. I'll be a big fat 26. My 25th birthday wasn't much to write home about since it was the day after our house was robbed last year and I didn't feel much like celebrating. Obviously, it's important to praise God and be thankful in good and bad but I will say that this year has been an exceptionally good year, full of many blessings, and I definitely will go to church, especially since it's on a Sunday, and praise God very loudly. Otherwise, I have no clue what I will do. I'm not in the mood to throw a party, especially since I'll be studying for my exam. We'll see sha. Any birthday ideas will be appreciated. This year, I also decided to ask family members who usually give me pressies to donate to my b-school application fund cos those joints run about $200-250 each and I'm applying to about 6 or 7 schools. However; to any friends who read this, below is my dreamwishlist for my birthday so should any of you decide to give me gifts, it won't be too difficult...LOL. It's actually pretty similar to my Xmas wishlist except for the IPOD and MacBook and of course, Idris is no longer on the list, for obvious reasons...LOL. Peace Y'all.

- I can dream and wish, right? LOL

- More realistic wish, I think. The Speedy 30 - the mid size. I got a different one at Christmas but I'm still waiting for this one!

- Still on the list. As last time, the necklace to match the bracelet would be great too.

- This represents giftcards. Favorite clothing stores include; Ann Taylor LOFT, The Limited, H&M, Mango, Nine West, Nordstrom, and Zara. Giftcards to bookstores also count.


bhookey84 said...

awww glad u had fun in naij, ur boo sounds wonderful, now dats a keeper! dont worry ull kill the GMAT, ill be praying for u jo , it is well! and as per ur bday list lol erm really nice heheheheheheh anyhooos have a great rest of the week

*mail me ur addy

Uzo said...

Finally an update..and what a feel good update too....I love the boo as well for knowing how to treat you right...Your wishlist looks great..and emmm...well let me know how much of that stuff you get...Good luck on the exams and may this be the last time you take them.....

Bola said...

I have the speedy 30 and it is to die for, I feel so chic whenever I carry this purse. You need to get this purse!!!!

SapphireAster said...

Your boo sounds great! Goodluck with the studying. I'm scheduled to take the GMAT 5 days after you and my birthday is 4 days after yours..hmm! VIRGOS ROCK!

Vickii said...

I'm so glad you had fun in Naij ... it sounds amazing! I can't wait to go at Christmas. And your boyfriend sounds great!!

Good luck with the exam hun and this blogging frequently thing better last!!!

Onada said...

im jealous of your niaja trip!!! send me pictures!