Wednesday, February 21, 2007


About the Nigeria:Heart of Africa Conference taking place in Atlanta at the Georgia Convention Center today and tomorrow (or maybe it's tomorrow and Friday)?

This was news to me. I didn't even know this "project" existed. I saw an ad for it for the first time on TV last night and heard something about it on V103 this morning from the African DJ, Osei. One would think that they would have been advertising it for at least a month or so before the event, right? But not so, cos I've been making an effort to catch up on missed TV lately and I listen to a lot of radio and I haven't seen or heard a peep! Can you believe the website isn't even updated with information about the Conference? Let me not start on how bothersome that is to me.

Anyway, I hope they get a good turnout. And I hope it's well-organized. If anyone goes or know anyone who plans to go, come fill me in on how it went.

Check out the official website here.

I'll be back to update y'all very soon. Peace!

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Icy said...

See this is what kills me about naija stuff mediocre.. I mean why.. if ya gonna do event come correct with your Public Relations