Friday, September 15, 2006


Hey All! After my last post which was kind of a depressing song, how about a diferent beat?

Thanks so much for the show of love and support. I appreciate it! I've only been in the blog world for a short time and I feel like a part of the Naija blog family. It's a wonderful thing I tell you and so, I got thinking. And when I think, my imagination tends to begin to run away with me a little bit. Before I let you in on my insane thought process, let me first say this - I've gotten obsessed with reading different people's blogs everyday. Like many of you, there are some I must hit without fail. And God forbid if that one person doesn't post, I feel like my day is not complete. Many of us have posted lists of blogs we read, and here are some of mine. This is by no means an exhaustive list o.


Objectively Emotional Olawunmi
Diligent Delot
Affable Ababoy
Diverting DonChiChi
Obviously Passionate Obi
Advocate Ariztos
Wistful Wale
Nimble Naijabloke
Mentor Miguel


Mi Hermanita Sola Minx
Back Up Bent
Truly Taurean
On track Onada
Boldly Biodun
Luscious Low
Incomparable Icy
Blessed Buki
Passionate Princesa
Bella Bella
Darling Diamond
Brilliant Belle

Please forgive my attempt at alliteration guys!!!! So back to my thinking ways. Like I said earlier, I let my imagination run away with me for a time and found myself thinking that the way we support each other, have great discussions about every topic under the sun, share ideas, and LISTEN to each other in the blogworld, combined with the very obvious talent that we all have in something or the other....WE ARE THE ONES THAT CAN MAKE NIGERIA BETTER. So much for me losing my optimism, huh? I imagined we all met and came up with this great master plan to stealthily attack the problems (and problem people) in Nigeria, not through the most obvious and corrupt political avenues but in ways that they wouldn't even see us coming. I imagined us chipping away at the problems and solving them....**using fashion(Icy, Low and Bella), photography(Wale and TaureanMinx), mentoring/speaking(Miguel, Buki, Delot and Onada), humor(Naijabloke and DonChiChi), writing(most, if not all, of us), journalism(Ms Minx, Wale), music(Ababoy,Obi), justice(Olawunmi), education(Diamond, Belle, Zaiprincesa and myself)....sneaking up on those people who think politics is the only way a country can be positively changed and pulling the rug right out from under them. Naive maybe, but just a thought. To pull this thought back to the title of this post, I just think it's so great that we're all still quite young (YES, YOU ARE!) but we are growing and recognize that there are things bigger than ourselves that we need to fight for and represent. That is evident in all the blogs I mentioned above and in the way we respond to each others daily musings. Like I said though, just a thought but WHAT IF.....?

No problem is insurmountable. With a little courage, teamwork and determination a person can overcome anything. - Anonymous

**Abeg make una no vex if you think sey I put you for the wrong category o. I just dey think o. LOL.
**I hope I didn't leave anyone off the list either. Let me know if I did


LondonBuki said...

I really like this, even more cos I am on the list :-)

WHAT IF...? I wonder...

I just had to add God to your quote -
No problem is insurmountable. With GOD, a little courage, teamwork and determination a person can overcome anything.

I don't know if I've said this b4 - I like that you have meaningful quotes in each post...

Have a beautiful weekend.

*Blessed Buki*

Bella Naija said...

Thanks! God bless!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

i like the way you think. one of my eventual goals is to tackle the educational system in nigeria...but um...MOVE THAT TO THE TOP OF THE LIST AND PUT OUR NAMES IN BOLD just playing...
i like...Darling Diamond...of everything that was the best..but of course...dont mind just in a playful mood this sunday

hope you had a great weekend. Happy Belated 25th

LondonBuki said...

Add yourself, either:

Miss May (as you are already)
'Mazing May

*'Mazing = Amazing*

zaiprincesa said...

you are SO right, Ms. May. What if?...we all have the power/ability to make a difference in one way or another...especially in the way we educate ourselves. In some little way, each one of us is contributing something. Hopefully, someday we'll be able to do more....Thank you for well, writing this. Have a blessed week.

Olawunmi said...

thanks for the props. i'd love to see us change nigeria bit by bit through our collective and individual efforts. it would be so wonderful...

Icy said...

hmm see syking sha lol omo I'm not complaining. I'm humbled that you think I have capacity to bring change.. thanks mama. I'm with you and I'm on the band wagon so let's get roling

WalePhotos said...

..yup. and i'm on the we SHOULD tip! my optimism remains in tact...but damn. it's hard. trying to take it steps at a time...i know WE can make something happen. or start something.

nice post!

it's our duty. doing something for our people is simply the rent we pay for our room here on earth (i forgot who said something along those lines, probably Muhammad Ali).

Michael said...

My very own Ms. Magnificent May..

Wouldn't that be awesome? Your vision that is....i LOVE your vision.

Talk about taking a negative event and spinning something very positive from it.. i love your attitude.

Belle said...

How great would that be? All of us...working, united.. towards resolving the issues of THAT great nation? Great vision you have indeed!

So Ms. May Magnétique...keep the vision alive!

You rock!

NaijaBloke said...

Nice post .. Hmmm .."Nimble Naijabloke"

Maybe my name shoulda been Jack be Nimble.

Take care and thx for the props

Onada said...

i've made a lot of new friends on blogger and definately feel like part of the family like you mentioned! I agree with what you....if not us who can change out country?
nie post girl!

Biodun said...

Great post girl, I never think like that, lol so its kinda refreshing n nice that someone else does, who knows we can do anything!

Ms. May said...

@londonbuki: of course you're on the list girl :). and I also like you addition to the post. thanks.

@ bellanaija: u're welcome!

@ darling diamond: LOL. The Educational System is definitely one of the places I think we need to start changing things. We should brainstorm.

@ zaiprincesa: u're welcome. we all are definitely contributing in our own way.

@ olawunmi: it CAN be long as we do it and don't just talk about doing it.

@ icy: oya now...let's do it babz! LOL

@ walephotos: i love the whole idea of "it's our duty". not enough of us see it that way. it's so important for Nigerians to have a culture of helping not just family but everyone because it all eventually impacts ALL of us.

@ micheal: thank you for the comment. do i know u? i tired to link to ur page but nothing came up.

@ belle: thanks love! it has been said that vision is the one of the characteristics of a successful person. i think we all have vision, which is why i wrote this piece. i define success not necessarily in monetary terms but in the terms of how i will have contributed to positive change in my environment so if i can do that then that would be great.

@ naijabloke: u're welcome! I chose Nimble for you because it also means clever.

@ onada: i def agree...i feel a lot of love over the internet superhighway. thanks a lot.

@ biodun: thank you. i think you do, but in your own way...which is why you are on the list!